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Warehouses for the most secure self-storage in Christchurch

Secure self-storage in Christchurch

Looking for professional, reliable and dedicated self-storage services in Christchurch? 
We are dedicated to providing the most incredible self-storage products and services at a fraction of the cost, without compromising quality and security. 

Our heavy duty, high end concrete bunkers with encoded deadlocks are perfectly safe and exceptionally secure. They’re even designed to be able to withstand fire and external damage. Plus, we offer 24 hour access to your self-storage bunker at any time, so you just have to drop in and punch in your unique code to get into your belongings.

Store anything in self-storage

From cars to boats to 4WD, we can store just about anything you need to have stored and stowed in our range of safe self-storage solutions. Just call ahead to see if you can have it stored; chances are you can. 

We have units of various shapes and sizes, and all affordably priced. We service both residential and commercial markets, so there’s no hassle if you represent a small business or just yourself: give us a call and explore our range of self-storage solutions. 

Affordable self-storage options

We offer all this for an incredibly low, cost competitive and affordable fee. Speak to one of our friendly team today about how little it can cost to hire one of our secure, safe and discreet self-storage units for your belongings. 

You can choose to pay monthly, yearly or by a contract that we have discussed and agreed upon prior to your hire. 

Call today and chat to one of our friendly team about setting yourself up for a brand new, self-storage contract with the Christchurch experts in self-storage solutions.
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